Recipe for Renal Failure Treatment that is not found in any book and doctors do not know it.
Was a hidden secret and went out to the face of God only satisfactory to God and science benefits him of the doctor and an old professor

In Baghdad Medical College

Dr. Alaa Khalidi respected

Kidney failure .. and wash blood

Does not know the correct

How much does he suffer from kidney wash?

He returns to his home

It is like a decaying corpse …

■ Give you the treatment of renal failure to the face of God Sadaqah ..

Or knowledge to benefit from it …

It is an expensive installation on my very heart “

Because it is from my captivated …

It is an expensive installation on my very heart “

Because it is from my captivated …

  I bear witness to God

Not in the minds of people ever ..

But it is one of the secrets cherished by the dead.

As they say …

If she had a trip

Not allowed by men

I have named it:

  The composition of Mary

Relative to my mother’s name

May Allah have mercy on her

It treats kidney failure

Final treatment ..

The kidneys are functioning even

If it were shrunk … or broken.

The kidneys return to work again thanks to God

It is not washed after God’s permission

See the miracles

And you do not know how precious it is

On my heart

And doing good in it ..

Published by ..

But from years I say, Sansherha

But retreat ..

I hope .. all of you ..

But you ….

And please everyone who comes down and reads it

Move it on its page ..

To be good and blessing …

Do not know that someone might read it on your page ..

And the reason for his recovery from his illness

And you pay and reward.

 1 liter coconut oil

 Half a kilo of Fenugreek 

 Half a kilogram of Nigella sativa

 Quarter Kilo Elettaria cardamomum

 4 pieces of the miswak

(The normal miswak of Messenger of Allah peace be upon him) the length of one miswak approximately 14

4 pieces …..

 Kg of honey ..

Any honey from plants Desert …

And if he did not find possible mountain honey

What is required is spinal honey

One quarter kilo Gum arabic

ATTENTION: Non-foamed gum arabic gum

 Grind all the materials with the miswak to become a powder

 Mix materials except gum arabic alone.

Do not put the powdered miswak with them, but remain alone in a jar

 Heat the honey on the fire

When heated, all the materials are mixed with it except the gum arabic.

Mix and stir well with coconut oil Mix it until the mixture is warm homogeneous.

Put the gum arabic powder with the mixture .. and stir it ..

The patient eats two tablespoons

Before eating a meal daily ……

Until the quantity finishes ….

Experienced me times and times .. And where the miraculous wonders

.. It is from the grace of God …

I hope that you will reach patients and you will be a cause “in his healing, God willing ..

You may not have one you know is suffering from failure .. But do not know who may benefit from.

 Please when you finish the read.

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