This information is taken from the website of Dr. Ahmed Omar Al Khayat

He talks about his herbal mixture

Drug therapy:

The combination of antiretroviral, interferon and Ribavirin therapy is medically integrated as a major support for treatment of hepatitis C.

Unfortunately, interferon is not widely available in the world and is not always desired by the patient. In this article we will refer to an effective and experienced treatment of natural herbal remedies.


The mixture is based on a real experience in the treatment as one of my relatives was sick with this disease, used a lot of medicine and after a period he did not reach a state of healing to the full.

I searched and checked on herbal mixtures, scientifically and medical structures to arrive at this mixture scientifically revised and tested to the end of first kilo of the mixture where the tests were reintroduced here and the signs of surprise on the doctor to tell him to re-analysis may be a mistake and re-analysis to find the result is a complete recovery and after 6 months repeated analyzes to find the same result is healing thanks to God and the doctor asked about this mixture to give to its patients.

In turn, we publish them on our site to benefit everyone to get rid of a serious disease in itself

Ingredients of the mixture:

1- Fennel seeds 240g

2- Black seeds 230g

3- Centaurea whole plant 110g

4- ARTICHOKE flowers or leaves 70 g

Benefits of artichoke for liver

   Artichoke helps to improve liver function and regeneration of cells. It is also diuretic and helps the body to get rid of toxins and facilitate the exit of waste and treatment of swelling, and helps to prevent liver diseases

5- ELECAMPANE / wing sweat of root 60g

6- PEGANUM HARMALA leaves 40g

SESBANIA Leaves or seeds 60g

DANDELION full plant 60g

Lemongrass full plant 70g

Smilax root 20g

RHUBARB root 20g

CUMIN Seeds 20g


Total of previous weights = one kilogram (1000 grams) of the mixture.

All materials should be grinded

Every day a patient takes hanging of tea from the mixture and puts it in boiling water and drinks it.

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