Abandoned Puppy Followed Us Home And We Let Him In


You love animals, but don’t want to spend a fortune on them. How can you save money on animal care without compromising quality?

Animal rescues are often expensive because they require lots of time and resources. They also take up a lot of space. If you have a large number of pets, you might consider adopting instead.

There are several ways to reduce costs and improve efficiency at the same time. For example, you can start with a smaller number of animals and gradually increase the size of your family over time. Another option is to adopt from a shelter or rescue organization.

Abandoned Puppy Followed Us Home And We Let Him In

In Bulgaria a lot of people abandon puppies and kittens on the streets. And all those animals need help. This isn’t the first abandoned puppy they meet and sadly it won’t be the last. They will help him find adopters and loving home.

Watch the video below here

They are Stoyan and Dessy from Bulgaria. They are not organization, neither a shelter, they are just an ordinary couple with a big dream. Everything they provide for the stray cats is coming from their own pockets or with the help of donations from their subscribers. They have 4 cats at home, all rescued from the streets – Sopolcho & Bagheera live with them while Alexa & Rijo live with Dessy’s mom, who has been feeding and caring of stray animals for the last 10 years. Bulgaria is a small and poor country with lots of stray cats and not enough kind people to take them in. Their dream is to build a shelter where they could take care of many stray cats with the help of Dessy’s mom. If you would like to support them, please subscribe to their channel and share the post with your friends and family. It would mean a lot to us ❤️

– Dessy & Stoyan


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