The PUMP SHOTGUN is BACK! (not clickbait)


In this YouTube video, the narrator excitedly discusses the arrival of the new pump shotgun, referred to as the “sharp tooth shotgun.” The video starts with the narrator expressing their enthusiasm and curiosity about the weapon. They mention that the shotgun has been released in the game and explain its features, such as extended range and a tight spread. The narrator sets out to find the pump shotgun in the game and embarks on a search, checking different locations and engaging in fights with other players along the way.

As the video progresses, the narrator successfully finds the pump shotgun and shows its appearance in different rarities, including purple and blue. They highlight the similarities between the new shotgun and the classic pump shotgun, mentioning that it feels and sounds the same. The narrator tests the shotgun’s damage by taking out opponents, achieving high damage numbers with headshots. They express excitement about the weapon’s power and upgrade it to the gold rarity.

Throughout the video, the narrator also mentions other in-game elements, such as hiring an NPC for scanning the area, exploring the jungle biome, and using other weapons like the thermal DMR. The narrator shares their love for the aesthetic of the jungle biome and mentions the various locations where the pump shotgun can be found, including floor loot, chests, and holo chests.

Here is the video explanation

The video concludes with the narrator showcasing their success in finding and upgrading the pump shotgun. They express satisfaction and nostalgia for the weapon, remarking on the joy of using it once again in the game.


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