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Monday on “The Kelly Clarkson Show,” Clarkson disclosed that she took a prescription medication that assisted in her weight loss, but she clarified that it’s a “different one than people assume.” As she was “afraid” to start medicine due of her thyroid issues, the former “American Idol” contestant revealed that her doctor had “chased” her for “like two years” before finally getting her to comply.

She said, “Everyone thinks it’s Ozempic.” “It’s not. But it is something. However, it’s something that contributes to the sugar’s breakdown. My body clearly isn’t doing it correctly.”

Prior to this, Clarkson said on her show that she had lost weight following her diagnosis of pre-diabetes. A diagnosis of prediabetes, according to the Mayo Clinic, indicates that a person has a higher blood sugar level than usual and is highly likely to develop Type 2 Diabetes. She was “on the borderline” of diabetes, according to Clarkson’s physicians, but the news didn’t surprise her because she was “a tiny bit overweight.”


Kelly Clarkson talks candidly about her diagnosis and weight loss journey. “I didn’t find it shocking.”
The “Since U Been Gone” singer told Goldberg that her bloodwork “got so bad” that she needed to start taking medicine.

After “doing that wonderful shot that works for folks who need some help,” Goldberg informed Clarkson that she had lost enough weight for “almost two people.”

The “View” anchor continued, “It’s great for people like us who have issues.”

Ozempic use is “amazing,” according to Kelly Osbourne, following mom Sharon’s unfavorable side effects.

Both Goldberg and Clarkson discussed in their interview how they didn’t realize how much weight they had acquired at first; Clarkson even recalled a time when she didn’t recognize herself when watching back at video that she had taken. Clarkson said, referring to herself, “I saw that show and I was thinking, ‘She is any second now (about to) die. Goldberg also recalled that in the 2022 film “Until,” a movie critic mistook her for someone wearing a “fat suit.”


People interviewed Clarkson in January, and she said that she lost weight “because I’ve been listening to my doctor—a couple of years I didn’t.” She also revealed to the magazine that she was following a protein diet and that “walking in the city” had helped her get in shape since relocating her talk show to New York.

Clarkson did not identify the drug that was administered to her, but Goldberg had previously disclosed on “The View” that she took Mounjaro, a type 2 diabetes treatment.

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