Why Fortnite REGRETS This Collab..


Season 4 of Fortnite brought a wave of excitement and gameplay innovations, but it wasn’t without its share of controversy and disappointments. Although the season is considered one of the greatest in a long time, there are some aspects that the players are not entirely happy with. This article explores the top 20 issues and concerns raised by the Fortnite community during Season 4.

One of the main complaints among players was the handling of legendary items. The introduction of Last Resort and the concept of stealing from The Vault was an exciting addition to the game. However, frustration arises when these legends are limited to only one player per team in duos or squads, forcing teammates to fight among themselves or land in different positions. This restriction has led to heated discussions among players.

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Another point of contention is the inclusion of unexpected characters in the battle pass, such as Cabbie Lemay. While some argue that he has little to do with the Fortnite universe, it’s evident that Epic Games is always seeking new ways to attract a broader audience to the game. The inclusion of non-traditional characters in the battle pass serves this purpose, though some players wish Cabbie Lemay was available in the item shop instead.

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